aneroid altimeter

altímetro aneroide

English-Portuguese dictionary of military terminology. 2014.

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  • aneroid altimeter — aneroid altimeter, an altimeter that uses air pressure to measure altitude …   Useful english dictionary

  • Altimeter — ist neuerdings in England (von den Verfertigern Newton Co., London) ein zur barometrischen Höhenmessung bestimmtes Aneroid (Naudetscher Konstruktion, vgl. Aneroid und Federbarometer) genannt worden, ebenso werden von mehreren französischen Firmen …   Lexikon der gesamten Technik

  • altimeter — [al tim′ət ər; ] also [ al′tə mēt΄ər] n. [ ALTI + METER] an instrument for measuring height above a given reference level, as the sea or ground: in aircraft it is either an aneroid barometer with a dial marked in feet or meters or an instrument… …   English World dictionary

  • altimeter — /al tim i teuhr, al teuh mee teuhr/, n. 1. a sensitive aneroid barometer that is graduated and calibrated, used chiefly in aircraft for finding distance above sea level, terrain, or some other reference point by a comparison of air pressures. 2.… …   Universalium

  • aneroid barometer — noun a barometer that measures pressure without using fluids • Syn: ↑aneroid • Derivationally related forms: ↑aneroid (for: ↑aneroid) • Hypernyms: ↑barometer …   Useful english dictionary

  • Altimeter — An altimeter is an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level. The measurement of altitude is called altimetry, which is related to the term bathymetry, the measurement of depth underwater. Aircraft Instrumentation… …   Wikipedia

  • altimeter — An instrument to indicate the height of an aircraft above a predetermined datum, normally sea level. Specifically, an instrument similar to an aneroid barometer that utilizes the change of atmospheric pressure with altitude to indicate the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Aneroid-Barometer — Jugendstil Wandbarometer Ein Barometer ist ein Messgerät zur Bestimmung des Luftdrucks und findet in einer Vielfalt unterschiedlichster Formen und Typen meist in der Meteorologie Anwendung. Es handelt sich folglich um eine spezielle Gruppe von… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • aneroid capsule — Meteorol. a box or chamber of thin metal, partially exhausted of air, used in the aneroid barometer and pressure altimeter. * * * …   Universalium

  • aneroid capsule — Meteorol. a box or chamber of thin metal, partially exhausted of air, used in the aneroid barometer and pressure altimeter …   Useful english dictionary

  • altimeter — noun Etymology: Latin altus + English meter Date: circa 1828 an instrument for measuring altitude; especially an aneroid barometer designed to register changes in atmospheric pressure accompanying changes in altitude • altimetry …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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